Minggu, 10 November 2013

Language Diversity and International Communication by Reiner Salverda

Today, English is the world language of globalization and modernization. According to Salverda's journal of Language Diversity and International Communication, English today is the language of world politics, International trade and finance, of the Internet, global communications, infotainment and media, of the world's tourist, sports and leisure industry, and even world's science journals. Although English also has a lot of benefits for the user, it is not enough because of some reasons.

Minggu, 03 November 2013

combining journal of Native Speaker Norms and International English: a classroom view and Strategies for Coping with language anxiety: the case of students of English in Japan by David Shinji Kondo and Yang Ying-Ling

In this synthesis journal, I will combine journal of Native Speaker Norms and International English: a classroom view and Strategies for Coping with language anxiety: the case of students of English in Japan by David Shinji Kondo and Yang Ying-Ling. In International English world, the standard demands people to speak fluently like a native speaker. In fact, the diversity of dialect in every region in the world makes their English spoken does not fulfill that standard. In this case, there is no problem since everybody can understand their language and accent is a characteristic of each region but for the standard of English, the accent like that can be an anxiety which influence the language spoken.
Positive thinking is one of the strategies which is presented by Kondo can be used to increase the confidence in using the accent when people speak English. In Kondo’s study, Positive thinking is on the third arrangement and this is the main strategy of all occasion especially to contra with some statements in journal of native speaker norm and International English: a classroom view because when someone be positive thinking everything will be good.
Just like David Shinji Kondo and Yang Ying-Ling who very confident in convincing the reader about their idea using some statistic data, people can do. I will relate it with the habit of people using their accent when they speak English. People actually can convince others by their confidence in speaking. Like I said before that accent is okay since everybody knows what you are talking about. I have an idea that people actually can be proud to use their accent because that can be a clue to see where they come from.
People also can convince that they good at speaking English and that believe will support them when they speak with foreigner. We can contra with the standard of English which is mentioned by Ivor Timmis in his study because there is no the measurement of native speaker. In his study, there are some standard in speaking English correctly but who knows about the real native speaker. Maybe we can say that native speaker is the one who speak English fluently but indeed people who use their accent also can speak fluently.
Ivor Timmis also mentions that accent is the distraction of International English. Well, it is true that we should follow the standard of English but people cannot be blamed because they use their dialect when speak English. It is unconsciously happen and occurs in the conversation because the speaker used to speak in his or her region. If we talk about accent, then everybody in the world talk with their accent. Which one is native or not, we do not care as long as their language can be understood.
The explanation above is enough to say that confidence in conversation is very important. Positive thinking in speaking English also has a good influence on the hearer. It is possible if people can remember you because your accent. This can be different if you speak grammatically incorrect. People may judge you if you are a native speaker. From that idea, people actually can be considered as native speaker although they use their accent and it does not make them speak grammatically incorrect.
In a conclusion, positive thinking in speaking English can be influence the way we speak. People can understand us no matter how we speak but we have to remember that we should learn English grammar to speak grammatically correct because native or non-native, you speak grammatically correct with your accent.

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